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Our Key Team

Richard Hayhurst

PR, Global

Turned down Nokia for biotech and hasn’t looked back – or so he claims. Richard has been lucky enough to be involved in life science pr right from the beginning – Dolly the Sheep, the Human Genome, Ebola, The Protein Atlas and all that – invaluable when it comes to separating hype from reality.

Ola Björkman

PR, Nordics

Ola is your typical Swede – annoyingly clever, speaks perfect English, strong social conscience – and a skier! Primarily looks after our Nordic clients but, as an Associate Professor and with his international marketing experience, supports many other leading science companies across Europe.

Janet Joy


A forestry graduate, Jan’s had jobs climbing trees to collect seed in Washington State, using cobra venom in genetics studies at Berkeley, studying diseases of Chinese cabbages in Western Australia, and building mathematical models of water distribution systems in Abruzzo.

Matt Marlowe

Digital Marketing, Branding, Global

Matt is our digital ninja with over 10 years of experience building digital presences and  A-Z testing 1000s of digital marketing campaigns across multitudes of scientific audiences to see what drives best engagement. When he’s not behind a computer screen, he likes reading, running and swimming in the sea.

Marta Gehring

Communications, Switzerland, France

Marta combines business development knowhow and marketing strategy with a long track record in Biotech and Medical Devices. As well as being a digital education entrepreneur, Marta also has a passion for healthcare marketing education.

Barnaby Pickering

PR, Europe

After spending four years studying biomedical engineering at University College London, Barnaby turned down the life of a scientist in favor of journalism. And, after building up an expert-level contact network across the life sciences spectrum, moved into communications by joining RHA – all part of his mission of getting the right information to the right people in the right way. 

Holly McHugh

Social Media

Holly is a content creation superstar. With a biology degree and a love of writing, she has carved out her niche writing about life science, medical and health topics and has experience creating all types of content. Holly primarily helps manage content for our clients’ LinkedIn accounts, occasionally dabbling in other writing tasks.

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