General news

Swissfillon generates a buzz

VISP, APRIL 22, 2021: Swissfillon are carving a great niche for fill&finish of advanced therapeutics and we have been creating awareness in key journals such as . 

Sinai joins RhoVac’s multicenter trial

LUND, APRIL 21, 2021:Mount Sinai has joined RhoVac’s multicenter trial of RV1001 in post-surgical and -radiotherapy patients with prostate cancer. RV1001 blocks the RhoC protein which appears to be involved in metastasis. .   

2021 Swiss Biotech Report Published

ZURICH, APRIL 20th 2021: We worked with the Swiss Biotech Association to produce this year’s Swiss Biotech Report with the them leadership, agility and innovation in the time of COVID-19. Copies can be downloaded at